Note: If you can't get your system to work in infra-red (IR) mode, then it's likely that your camera's firmware is not the latest version. You may want to see this solution to check your camera's firmware and, if necessary, follow the steps to update it.

Both the indoor and outdoor cameras will automatically switch to Infra-Red mode when the environment becomes dark.

You may encounter two issues surrounding this automatic night vision mode:

1) The camera is placed near a television screen in a dark room. The light from the TV may confuse the camera which will lead to a frequent clicking noise.

2) The camera is placed directly in front of a window. The reflection of the camera's IR lights on the glass may distort the image.

Both of these problems are resolved by disabling 'Automatic Camera IR' in each camera's settings page. This means the camera will no longer automatically activate IR mode.

If you want to learn more about the camera's automatic IR (night vision) and the two issues, please click here.