Yes, both the indoor and outdoor cameras have WiFi capability, as well as an ethernet ports if you'd prefer to use a cable connection.

How well the cameras will work using WiFi in your home or business all depends on the WiFi signal strength from your router, the distance the camera is from your router and also the wall materials / large objects between the camera and router. Basically, the further away the camera is from the router, or the more objects in the way, the weaker a signal gets.

There are some great WiFi signal strength testing apps that will give you a feel for how strong your WiFi network is. We recommend downloading WiFi Sweetspots by Assia-Inc. Using this app, you want to get a signal strength where a camera is to be located that exceeds at least 30 to 40% of the maximum strength you get when standing next to your router. This app is easy to use and available free on both: 

Moving cameras a bit closer to the router can create a strong enough signal. Sometimes even moving a few feet or meters can make a different. But even if this doesn't help then there are some fairly easy solutions. We recommend trying the following:

1. Buy a WiFi booster and place it near the camera

2. Use a network cable to connect the camera. This would also give you the option to use PoE to power it.