CleverLoop is packed with features that make it super clever and easy to use. 

Clever Learning Algorithms


The CleverLoop security algorithm will start working the moment you set up the system and will continue to learn over time. It will start to filter out background and unimportant movements (trees swaying, light and shadow changes, small pets etc), making sure you only get alerts that matter. Plus, you can help it learn by giving feedback on what's important and what's not.

The number of false alarms you receive will decrease as the system becomes more customized through analysis of your unique environment.


Fine Tune Smart Detection


You can also fine tune the system using different indoor and outdoor settings. 

The indoor fine tuning gives the option to ignore pets and also set the likely scale of humans that might walk in front of a camera and tell the system that it will only see the top half of a person though a window. 

The outdoor fine tuning gives you the ability to select hotspots, or areas that will be analyzed for unusual activity. This means you can exclude any movement from a nearby road, sidewalk or a tree that moves a lot in windy conditions.