CleverLoop has been designed to make it easy for home owners / renters and business owners to set the system up for themselves. You'll need a smart phone to download the CleverLoop app and the first thing the app will do is walk you through the simple set up steps. 

Great in-app video clips for each step make it easy to install, all the way through from setting up an user account to fine tuning your cameras when they are up and running.

The other things you will need so you can install CleverLoop yourself are:

- Your WiFi details (username and password).

- A spare power point next to your router that you can plug the Base Station into.

- Mains power near where you want to set up the cameras. (read more on this here)

- A strong WiFi signal where the cameras are to be placed (read more on this here)

- A screwdriver and maybe a small drill if you plan to wall or ceiling mount cameras. Indoor cams can sit on a horizontal surface.

If you find you need a little bit of help, we have a range of solutions on our website that will assist and our team are also able to provide fast and friendly support via online help requests. Friends with a bit of computer knowledge, home IT help services and electricians may also be options if you need some extra assistance.