There are 3 options to store video footage using the CleverLoop system.

SD Card

Each CleverLoop Base Station comes with an already inserted 8GB SD card. The system will store 7 rolling days worth of 10 second video alerts from each camera on the SD card. 

Cloud Backup

The CleverLoop system provides the option to backup all 10 second video alerts to the cloud for free. As with the SD card, this backup gives 7 days of rolling storage. This means that if something happens in front of the cameras and it is captured by the system, it will be backed up to the Cloud for 7 days before being automatically overwritten once it is 8 days old. This saves the hassle of needing to go through and regularly delete clips or remove files. 


Once on the Cloud, the footage is secure. Even if your CleverLoop Base Station and your router were stolen, you could still access any footage stored in the 7 days up to that point. Should you have footage that you want to keep, it's simple to download and save or share using the CleverLoop app. 

Hard Drive

You can plug an external hard drive (not provided) into the Base Station, and use CleverLoop to record 24/7 footage, much like a CCTV system would do. This continuous storage feature is a really useful for both home and business users as it allows you to store, review and share long pieces of footage. 

For example, you can capture and keep the best bits of footage from a family gathering or the kids playing in the backyard by using continuous storage. For business, you can record everyone coming though an entrance or reception area, or keep constant footage from stock or cash areas; this allows you to review the footage later if anything unusual has happened.

This below chart provides the hard drive capacity required given the number of cameras connected and how many days of historic, continuous footage you want to store. This is worked out using 24 hours of continuous storage per day using HD video streams.

  7 days  14 days 30 days 60 days  90 days
1 camera 100G 200G 400G 800G 1.2T
2 cameras 200G 400G 800G 1.6T 2.4T
3 cameras 300G 600G 1.2T 2.4T 3.6T
4 cameras 400G 800G 1.6T 3.2T 4.8T

Please note, the required hard drive format is NTFS or FAT32.