The app is free to download and use. If you want to give another person access to your CleverLoop system, all they need to do is download the app to their device, set up an account using their email address and then you need to provide them with your CleverLoop system ID and password.

You can provide this access to as many people as you need to. So for home use you could set up other family members or housemates with access, and in a business setting you could provide other managers or co-workers with access. All users have equal access rights, which means they can view all footage, change settings and are also included in the geo-fencing auto-arming.

The only other point to consider is that a maximum of 4 people can view a stored clip or live camera view at the same time. You can still have more people with access to the system, it's just that you can't have everyone trying to look at the same thing at once.