Certain router models are not compatible with the CleverLoop Base Station.

AT&T 5268ac 

If you have the AT&T 5268ac router, please make contact with your internet service provider and ask them for a new router of a different brand. 

Fritz!Box 7490

This router has a know bug with it's WLAN routing that effectively blocks some ports. This can prevent the Camera Diagnose function on the CleverLoop app from working, and may cause a CleverLoop system to not function correctly.

Vodafone Huawei HG659

This router seems to have difficulties connecting to multiple WiFi devices at the same time (such as WiFi cameras). Whilst CleverLoop Base Stations seem to connect without problem (as these are ethernet cable connected), this router certainly seems to have difficulty keeping cameras online, particularly if a few are added.

More generally, you may have problems getting a CleverLoop system to work on a network that has old or slow hardware running it.

Slower/older routers

With slower routers, which are often older models, you may find that internal data transfer limitations will limit the number of cameras your CleverLoop Base Station can support. In many cases we see, older routers can handle three cameras, but not four. In rare cases, a router may not be able to support three cameras.

Slower/older modems

If you have a internet setup that uses separate modem and router, and you have a good router, but your modem is an older model, you may run into problems that are caused by a data transfer bottleneck at the modem. This is not a common problem, but is worth considering if you are having issues getting your CleverLoop to work properly, and have a separate modem.


We will continue to gather information on incompatible router and modem makes and models over time.

If you suspect that your router or modem may be causing problems with your CleverLoop system, it is worth checking that you hardware is using the latest firmware available. You can usually check this in the backend settings of the device.