This problem generally only occurs when you have removed the SD card from your CleverLoop Base Station. If you haven't removed the SD card but are seeing this "Missing SD Card" message, it means SD card may be loose in the base station, need formatting, or have a fault. Please remove the SD card and then follow the 3 steps outlined below. The SD card is located in a slot at the back of the Base Station unit to the right of the ethernet port. We have attached a picture at the bottom of this article so you can see it more clearly.

For your Base Station to recognise the SD card you will need to:

1. Insert the SD card back into your CleverLoop Base Station. Please note the card goes in with the contacts facing up ( the opposite from most other devices).

2. Reboot your Base Station (by unplugging then plugging back in power cable at the back of the Base Station).

3. Wait for around 30 seconds for the Base Station to become fully functional, then press the "Refresh" button on your app to check the newest status.

If the problem still occurs, then the next thing to do is to format the SD card. Please see below on how to do this.

How to Format an SD Card

You can do this by taking the SD card out of the Base Station. To remove the SD Card, gently push the SD Card in a little way (something like a paper clip may help you do this), and this will then spring load it so it is pushed out from the Base Station when you release pressure from it. 

Next, you can format the SD Card to FAT32 format with a computer (using the file explorer type of program on your computer is the quickest and easiest way). You will need to use an SD Card adaptor of some sort to do this. Many computers have an SD card slot on them these days, but you'll need a microSD to SD Card adaptor as the slot on your PC will be too large. The other way is to use a Card Reader, which connects to a USB port on a PC. 

You can then put the SD card back into the Base Station (noting that the SD card goes in upside down, which means the metal contacts face upwards). To reinsert the SD card, you simply push it in gently until it won't move in any further. When you release pressure from the SD card, it will spring back out a small amount until it locks in place. 

After formatting the SD card, the Base Station should no longer give the 'Missing SD Card' message on your app. If it still does, then it is likely that the SD card is faulty/corrupted and will need replacing, please try another SD card, please don't use SD card larger than 16GB.