CleverLoops geofencing feature means you dont have to manually turn on your home or small business security system on every time you go out and turn it off every time you come back again. It saves you hassle by simply using the GPS information on your smartphone to determine if you are in or not. It will even work if you have multiple people using your CleverLoop smart security system.

If you are planning on using geofencing with multiple devices, make sure that each device has it's own CleverLoop account and log in. If more than one device logs in using the same account, geofencing is unlikely to work properly. Also make sure that each device is capable of supporting Geofencing. See Devices that don't support Geofencing.

Make sure that the GPS or Location service is turned on on your device, And that you are using the most accurate location mode that you can. See Geofencing issues checklist.

You enable and disable geofencing for each of the security cameras you have from their individual settings in the CleverLoop security app. Click on the the small cog icon on the bottom right of the camera image then 'Auto-Arm Settings'. From here you can slide geofencing on and off.


When you first set up geofencing you will need to establish your Base Station Location .

The button in the bottom right corner of the map automatically finds your location, and you can fine tune this to mark your exact location. If you can find your location better using aerial imagery instead of a map, click on the bottom left hand button.

The slider below the map changes the range within which the Geofencing operates. The minimum range is 150m, which is limited by GPS accuracy. 


Once the Geofencing configuration is complete, you then use the ‘Auto-Arm’ of the app to control it. 

If you want only one camera to use geofencing then go to this cameras options and change its working mode to ‘Auto-Arm’.


To have all your security cameras work in ‘Auto-Arm’ mode go to the app's home page and press the round white symbol in the bottom right corner. Pressing this sets all cameras to ‘Auto-Arm’ mode.

Geofencing may take 1-2 minutes to change status. Please wait for a while and see if it is working properly.


Please note: If you switch off your phone, this will disable Geofencing from changing status. If you frequently power off your phone at home then we recommend combining geofencing with the scheduling function.

Note: we don't support Geofencing on iPods, iPads or Android Tablets.