You disable the backing up of alert footage to the cloud separately for each camera attached to a Base Station. Go to the settings page for each camera (the gear icon in the top right corner) and switch off the "Backup Alerts to Cloud" option.

If you disable cloud storage, then none of your video footage will be saved onto our cloud based servers (which are hosted by Amazon Web Servers). Your video clips will only be stored locally in your SD card, meaning no video files are held 'off-site'. 

However, low resolution GIF preview files must be uploaded to the server for CleverLoop to function, rest-assured those files are held securely in the Amazon cloud server.

The disadvantages of disabling the "Backup Alerts to Cloud" service is that:

  • you will be unable to access video data in the event that your CleverLoop Base Station is stolen or damaged, and
  • you are relying on a P2P connection between the app on your device and your Base Station to retrieve the alerts. These P2P connections are less reliable than the connection between your app and our servers, and you may get connection failed messages.
Please consider these two factors before deciding to turn cloud storage off.