This post provides some tips on where to point your cameras so you can maximize security. We also cover where to place your cameras from a safety perspective.

Point that camera!

If you want to focus on security then we recommend pointing your cameras directly toward the most likely points of access to your home. This might be an entrance gate, a path, or particular doors and windows.

Another good idea is to choose locations where it would be harder for someone to move or cover a camera. Placing them a little higher, and in places where people have to walk towards a camera before they can touch it, helps achieve this.

Positioning cameras to minimize other background movement, such as cars on the road, people on a sidewalk or trees that move a lot in the wind, is also worthwhile. While our clever learning algorithm deals well with this unwanted activity, reducing how much of it is captured in the first place is a good idea.

Examples of a camera positioned up high, covering home entrance, with background movement not overlapping focus area:

When pointing through a window the reflection from the camera's infrared lights can reduce its effective distance, blur the image, or create a reflection. We recommend all cameras that point through windows -- similar to the above left image -- be placed at an angle to the glass so the night vision mode is more effective.

Safety First

When choosing locations for your Base Station and cameras it’s important to make sure they are in safe places. Put them high enough to be out of reach of small hands and fluffy paws, and make sure cables are somewhere they cannot be easily pulled!