If you place an indoor camera close to and directly facing a window to monitor an outdoor environment then you may face a problem at night where the Infra-red light reflects off the window, blinding the camera view. 

This may be especially problematic if you have double glazed windows.

In order to resolve this problem you will need to do 1 of 3 options:

1. Place the camera so that it is looking through the window at a lower angle. By doing this the reflecting light shouldn't influence the camera.

2. If the camera is looking into an area that has lighting at night, or a sensor light, turn off 'Automatic Camera IR' (this function can be found in CleverLoop camera settings page). By turning off 'Automatic Camera IR' you stop the camera from automatically switching on it's infrared night vision when it gets darker. 

3. Installing a CleverLoop outdoor camera outside the window is the ultimate solution if you want to monitor an outdoor environment 24/7. The outdoor cameras also have significantly more powerful infra red capabilities, so can detect movement a lot further away at night time.