If your CleverLoop system has been working fine, and then a camera goes offline, please check the following:

1. Has the WiFi password been changed, or is there a new router?

If the cameras were connected over WiFi without issue, but then go offline after installing a new router or changing WiFi passwords, it will be because the cameras are still trying to connect to the old router or using the old WiFi passwords. Please see this solution for the different ways to handle this. 

2. The power supply is functioning

If your camera power supply has a red LED on it, check to see that it is lit. Otherwise, on an indoor camera, check to see if the blue power indicator on the back of the camera is lit. For an outdoor camera, you could check using this link, or wait till night, and see if outdoor camera LEDs turn red.

3. Reboot the camera and / or the the router to see if the camerareconnects

In most cases, rebooting the camera, by unplugging and plugging the power cable, will resolve the problem. If this works, please check your camera firmware version and update if required. If your camera is online, we can updated the firmware automatically. If turning the camera on and off doesn't work, then please turn both the router and the camera off. A few minutes later, power up the router, and a few minutes after that you can re-power the camera. This often resets the connection between the camera and the router meaning the camera will come online.

4. Enhance the WiFi signal, or connect the camera with an ethernet cable

If your WiFi connected camera works for a while, and then disconnects, then it is probably a WiFi connection issue caused by weaker signal strength. To test this, try moving your camera closer to your WiFi router, or into an area with a stronger signal and see it it stays online. If a weak WiFi signal is the issue where you want the camera to be setup, you could look at using a WiFi booster or powerline network extender, or investigate connecting the camera to the Base Station with an ethernet cable.

5. Factory default reset of camera

If none of the above work then it is worth doing a factory reset of the camera. Please note, that doing a factory reset will delete your WiFi network credentials (network name and password) from the camera, so you'll need to cable connect the camera to give it this info.

Here is a link on how:

Factory reset indoor cameras

Factory reset outdoor cameras

If it is your first time setting up your Base Station, please go to this section for solutions