The CleverLoop outdoor camera can be powered through an ethernet cable using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). PoE components for the outdoor cameras are optional extras, and the components you need are determined by whether you router or switch is PoE capable (i.e. outputs 48 Volts DC to connected devices).

Switch/Router is POE capable

If your Switch/Router is POE capable then you will need to obtain a 12V 1A 802.3af 'POE splitter'.

This device steps down the 48 Volt PoE supply to the 12 Volts required by the camera, and also 'splits' the data and power out from the Ethernet cable into two connectors that the camera needs.

If you are using this system then the practical limit for each run of ethernet cable is 80m. This is the limit for data transmission, and voltage drop along the wire shouldn't be a problem.

Switch/Router is NOT POE capable

If your Switch/Router is not POE supported then you will need to obtain a 'passive POE injector and POE splitter'.We call this a PoE Kit as the kit includes both the injector and the splitter.

The injector connects to your Switch/Router and the splitter to your outdoor camera. Both are then connected via an Ethernet cable.

When using an injector/splitter kit, the maximum distance you can run the ethernet cables is limited by voltage drop. With Cat 5 ethernet cables, the limit is roughly 20m. For Cat 6 cables the limit is roughly 25m. Generally it is good practice to use a PoE capable switch or router rather than an injector/splitter if you want PoE cable runs longer than 30m.

Here's a 'how-to' video produced by a CleverLoop user who installed an outdoor camera to the outside of his house underneath a gable. 

It's a really useful video to watch as it shows how he dealt with a few steps for his install including weatherproofing his PoE splitter, pulling Ethernet cables through to outside from an attic and the hooking up of the splitter.

Here's an image of the passive POE injector and the splitter, as well as two images of them in use with the outdoor camera. Make sure you select a 2.1mm*5.5mm set if purchasing.

Below is the schematic of how an outdoor camera is connected using a PoE kit (i.e an injector and a splitter.