Every CleverLoop indoor camera comes with its own mount for attaching to walls or surfaces. This includes horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as ceilings.

We recommending using the supplied screws to mount them. Each camera can be angled in a variety of different positions depending on your need. If you are mounting the camera to a vertical surface then we recommend holding the camera in place and viewing it through your phone before screwing it into place. This way you can easily rotate the foot of the camera to the right angle to give you the view you want. If mounting to a ceiling, you can also mount the camera upside-down and then the via the app rotate and mirror the image so that it appears the right way up when viewing.

If you aren't confident about mounting any of your cameras yourself them we advise to you check to see if there is a CleverLoop installer in your area, and if not, talk to a suitable person (tradesman, handyman etc.) about helping you.