If your WiFi connected camera goes on and offline constantly, this usually means the WiFi signal to the camera isn't strong enough. 

The best way to check the WiFi signal strength is via the backend settings for the camera.

  • Use the 'Camera Diagnose' function on the CleverLoop app to get the IP address of the camera in question. 
  • Enter this IP address into a web browser, and enter the username and password for the camera. (default is 'admin' and '123456'). 
  • Click 'video mode 1'and go to Click ‘Setup’ -> ‘Network’ on the left column -> ‘WiFi’ on the top tabs.
  • Click search to look for WiFi networks.

The search results will show you both the channel and the signal strength of your WiFi network. 

If the signal strength shows as being low (below 40%) you can either move the camera a bit closer to the router (or vice versa), connect it directly through Ethernet cable, or use a WiFi booster or power line adapter to boost your WiFi signal.

Note, if you do boost your WiFi network, and have the option of using the same WiFi settings; network name (SSID) and password, as the router, then cameras should connect easily without any further changes.

Also check the channel that your WiFi network is operating on. If you see multiple networks around you (neighbours etc) using the same channel, you should use the backend settings for your router to change the channel to a less crowded one.

It is worth noting that the most reliable connection between a camera and the Base Station is with a network cable. If this is an option in your situation , you can also use PoE accessories to power the camera down the same network cable.