HomePlug uses your home's power cables to transmit an internet signal around your home. You can plug the adapter in next to your router, and an Extender near the monitoring position where you plan to put a camera, then the plugs will transmit an internet signal directly through the electrical wiring.

There are two kinds of home plug, one only supports ethernet connection, the other supports both ethernet and wireless connection

You can choose it based on your needs. You can also buy extra extender if you want, which means you'll have one Adapter next to router, and several Extenders in other rooms. The CleverLoop Base station can also be plugged into one of these extenders.


Note, if you want to use HomePlug wirelessly, it's a lot easier to set it's credential information (username and password) to be the same as the router. This will allow your cameras to pickup the signal and add the credentials smoothly.