For larger houses or business usage, 4 cameras may not be enough to cover all of the areas you want to monitor. The CleverLoop app has been designed with this in mind and includes the ability to add more than one Base Station to a single account. This means you'll be able to view multiple Base Stations from within the one app.

You can add as many Base Stations as you need. The Base Stations could be located in different buildings or even different places (i.e. main home and holiday home, or home and office). You are also able to set different Geo-locations and schedules for each of them as well.

Each Base Station is a separate system, so you are able to control who has access to each base station. Let's say you want to have one base station at home, and the other in your office, then you can add two Base Stations to your account. You could give your husband or wife access to the Base Station at home, while giving your colleague access to your office Base Station.