If you have found that the continuous recorded video from a camera is corrupted then this is probably because the WiFi transmission is not stable enough to consistently record high definition video to your hard drive. 

You could do the following to improve the quality:

1. It is highly recommended to connect the cameras to you Base Station by ethernet cable if you want to do continuous recording. Corrupted video usually results from the WiFi signal to the camera not being strong or stable enough or being interfered with by other electronic signals. 

2. Move your cameras a bit closer to your router or use a WiFi booster/Homeplug to boost the WiFi signal.

3. Record footage at a lower definition. The higher the definition of the footage that you record,, the great the demands on the data link between the camera and router and Base Station. Please go to the camera setting page, and disable the "Enable HD" function. This way, you can turn down the resolution, and the camera may perform better in WiFi mode. You'll also be able to store more days worth of footage to your hard drive by doing this.