If your camera firmware is, then please follow the below instructions to update the firmware to

Note: Please don't use the Windows 'Edge' browser here, select a different browser to do this operation.

It's ideal to keep the camera connected to the router via an ethernet cable during this upgrade. We don't recommend doing the firmware upgrade using WiFi, but if you have to, please make sure the camera is in a location with a strong WiFi signal.

  1. Below you'll see an attachment called 'Camera_Update_only_for_35_to_37.pkg'. Please download this firmware update.
  2. Once downloaded, please go to the 'Maintenance' tab in web interface, and find the 'Upgrade' function.

  3. First, click 'Choose file' and select the file you've downloaded, 'Camera_Update_only_for_35_to_37.pkg'. Then click 'Upgrade'. Please don't select the wrong file as this will kill the camera.
  4. Wait for a few minutes as the update is installed to the camera. You should see a pop-up window saying the install has completed and the camera will get back online by itself.
  5. Please wait for another 5-7 minutes after the camera gets back online because the camera will need a few minutes to do the initial configuration. Please refresh the web browser until you see the new login page.
  6. Please check if your firmware is, if not, please do the upgrade again. If yes, then you will now need to upgrade to - please click this link to get the instructions for this step.