The CleverLoop app can support multiple Base Stations through the single app interface, so it's quite common for users to set up multiple Base Stations in a single location using a single Wi-Fi or wired network. Good examples of this are larger houses, office environments and depots/workshops that need 8, 12 or even more cameras.

If you have ordered multiple Base Stations and cameras and want to set them up on the same local network, there are a couple of ways to do this with minimum problems.

The issue is that Base Station can't tell if a camera has already been added to another Base Station on the same network. This means that when you go to setup a second Base Station on your network, it may add cameras that you have already connected to your first Base Station.

The first solution is to set us each Base Station and it's cameras separately. Once you have setup the first base station and its cameras, all you need to do is unplug (i.e. power off) the cameras that you have connected to this system. Then set up your next Base Station and its cameras as per the instructions through the app. If you do this, the second Base Station will only pick up the second set of cameras because the first set of cameras are all turned off. 

You can repeat this process for each additional Base Station you are setting up. Once you have setup all of the Base Stations, you can then power up all of the cameras and they will automatically connect to the correct Base Stations.

The second solution is to change either the username or password on the cameras that you connect to the first Base Station. You can do this in the settings for each camera.

Once you have added a camera to your app, you can go to the settings, and 'Change Camera Credentials' and change either the camera username or password.

Then, leaving the first Base Stations and it's cameras connected and powered up, you can connect the next Base Station and it's cameras to your network, and then add them into your app, selecting no when asked if you have ever changed the credentials on your camera. That way the Base Station automatically looks for cameras with default usernames and passwords. This means it will only find the second set of cameras connected to the network. 

If you then want to add additional Base Stations and cameras, you just need to use change either the username or password on the second set of cameras to something different from the first set, and go through the set up process again.

If you do use the changing username or password method, don't forget to keep track of the changed credentials somewhere secure.