CleverLoop is designed to protect you and your family. One great way to increase this level of protection is to add additional people into what we like to call your 'security loop' - these are people who can monitor your cameras, receive the same alerts that you do and help keep an eye on your home. You can choose to add family members, friends or even neighbors into your security loop.

It's free to add extra people into your security loop. All they need to do is download the app, create an account, and then add your Base Station to their account.

For business users, it's exactly the same. You can have business colleagues, partners or managers download the app, create an account, add the workplace Base Station to it, and then they will become part of the workplace security loop. Again, there is no charge or fee for adding extra people.

If you haven't changed the Base Station's password, then just simply use the new account to scan the QR code at the back of the Base Station.

If you have changed the Base Station's password, then please input the Base Station ID and new password manually into the app on the other person's phone. This will add your Base Station to their account. 

You can view who has access to the Base Station by clicking the 'user management' button in the app. This can be found on the top right of your camera list page.

Here is a link on how to setup multiple Base Stations: Setting up multiple Base Stations