It is not common to use a PoE accessory for an INDOOR camera, but if you do need to, then this solution will help you achieve this.

Note: the PoE accessories required for indoor cameras is different to those needed for outdoor cameras, so if you want to find the right accessories for outdoor cameras then please refer to this solution.

Switch/Router is POE capable


If your Switch/Router is POE capable then you will need to obtain a 5V 2A 802.3af 'POE splitter'.

New Zealand customers can by this accessory from us here.

This device steps down the 48 Volt PoE supply to the 5 Volts required by the camera. 


If you are using this system then the practical limit for each run of ethernet cable is 100m. This is the limit for data transmission, and voltage drop along the wire shouldn't be a problem.


Switch/Router is NOT POE capable

If your Switch/Router is not POE supported then you will need to obtain a 

3.5 mm x 1.35 mm 'passive POE injector and POE splitter'.

As this device injects the power into the ethernet cable at only 5 Volts, voltage drop along the cable is a problem and limits the length of cable that you can run using this method to roughly 4m.