If you get a "Base Station offline" message when your system has otherwise been working fine, it means there is an internet connection error between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and our servers. This often resolves itself after a few minutes, but sometimes can last longer than this, if the physical connection from your local network to the internet gets cut for example.

While we can't do anything about connection issues that are outside our systems, we have designed the Base Station to continue operating while there is no internet access, as long as your router can still function without an internet connection 

If the Base Station and its connected cameras are working fine inside your local network, the system will still be smart detecting and analyzing what is happening and recording alert clips locally. Once the internet is back online, the Base Station will send you a notification and also upload clips to the cloud for you to view on the app (so long as 'backup Alerts to Cloud' is enabled within the app).

If you have your system set up to record continuous footage to external storage, this will also continue to operate without an internet connection as long as your router keeps operating.