There are three options for storing video footage using the CleverLoop system.

SD Card

Each CleverLoop Base Station comes with an 8GB Micro SD card pre fitted. The system will store all alert video clips captured by the Base Station when a camera is "Armed", and stores these clips onto the SD card for seven days on a rolling basis (i.e on day eight the stored footage from day one is deleted). If you bought your CleverLoop system as part of a special offer, you may have 14 days of rolling storage. Removing the Micro SD card is not recommended unless it stops working properly.

External storage

You can plug external storage (flash drive or hard drive) into the USB port on the Base Station. This allows a CleverLoop system to record footage from all cameras as required, much like a CCTV system would do. The recording is controlled remotely from the CleverLoop app on a smartphone. Please note, the required drive format is NTFS or FAT32. 

Cloud Backup

As an added layer of security when using the CleverLoop system, alert video clips are backed up to cloud storage by default. Cloud backup is provided on a rolling basis for the same number of days as you have on your Micro SD card. You do have the option via the Cleverloop app to turn cloud backup off.

Please note, we're not able to open the Application Programming Interface (API) to 3rd parties wanting to access video footage. CleverLoop users view their footage stored on the cloud via the CleverLoop app.