Selecting the right detection mode for your cameras is important to the performance of your CleverLoop system, as the system uses two different algorithms for indoor and outdoor situations.

The default setting is for the indoor cameras to use the indoor mode, and for the outdoor cameras to use the outdoor mode. You can quickly tell from the home page of the app what mode a camera is in. Cameras in indoor mode have a small house icon in the top left corner of the camera window, in outdoor mode they show a sun and cloud icon 

Regardless of what sort of cameras you are using, there are situations where using one particular mode will give you the best results.

Indoor mode gives you an option that helps to filter out pets, and tell the system that it might see only part of a person (through a window for example).

Outdoor mode gives you a really powerful tool in the form of user editable hotspots than allow you to deal with views where major lighting changes happen a lot, there are regular major movements that aren't important or where you don't want alerts from specific areas like a road or footpath.