Camera status bar locates on the top left of each camera screen. It shows the status of camera it's working right now. 

1. Algorithm working mode icon


The house icon means camera is working in indoor mode, and the cloud icon means camera is working in outdoor mode. If you want to change the mode for each camera, please go to camera setting page, and click 'Fine Tune Smart Detection' to choose the right mode for your camera.

2. Camera working mode icon

The shield icon indicate which mode camera is working on. 

Full Green: means camera is in 'Stay Armed' mode, it will always be working regardless of Geofencing and Scheduling settings.

Half Green: means camera is in 'Auto Armed' mode, this works when you have set the working mode in Auto Arm.

Half Grey: means camera is in 'Geo-Disarmed' or 'Scheduling-Disarmed' mode, it works when Geofencing or Scheduling is triggered.

Full Grey: means camera is in 'Stay Disarmed' mode, it won't work until you have changed it to other modes.

Other icons like:

Yellow block: it means camera 'Access denied', you may have changed a wrong camera credential, or you'll need to check your camera firmware and make sure it is up to date. Or, it means this camera is disabled by you. You'll need to 'Enable' the camera in camera setting page to get it to work

Red block: it means camera is offline or base station is offline, you'll need to search for solutions or contact us for help.