You can live view an individual camera through the backend settings of the camera (see these instructions , points 1 to 6, for getting to the settings) but only using Internet Explorer with an Activex plugin.

To view multiple cameras, you need to use IP camera software, and while most software should work, we suggest using iSmartViewPro as it is designed to work with CleverLoop cameras.

iSmartViewPro is an application that allows you to view your CleverLoop cameras live on your computer, as you would with a CCTV system.

Download and install the attached software (see the bottom of this page), then follow the instructions below which outline how to use the software.

Note: It's easier if you add your cameras when your phone is also connected to your local network. 

1. Open the software and click 'Add Device'

2. Select 'Search to Add', please note, all your cameras should be online and should within the same local network as computer, otherwise, you may not be able to add cameras successfully.

3. Make sure the 'Device Type' is 'SmartP2P' and then click 'Search'. You should be able to see a list of cameras by now. If you can't see any cameras, please check if your cameras are online, and they are with the same local network as your computer. If you are using a VPN, then you'll also need to disable this and access the network directly.


4. Check the camera you want to add to your viewing screen, input the account and password for the camera manually, and click 'Save'.
Note: If you haven't changed the credentials on your cameras, the login is "admin" and the password is "123456".

5. Right click the camera and click 'Play Video', and you should be able to see live video footage. You can add multiple cameras at the same time.