iSmartViewPro is an application that allows you to view your CleverLoop cameras live on your Mac, as you would with a CCTV system.


Download the software from here and install it (download the .dmg file, double click on it, then drag the App icon from the instal widow into your Applications folder), then follow the instructions below which outline how to setup and use the software.

Note: It's easier if you add your cameras in your local network, and view it remotely. 

Depending on the security settings on your Mac, the first time you open the iSmartViewPro application, you may need to navigate to your Applications folder in the Finder, and right click on iSmartViewPro and select "Open"

  1. Open iSmartViewPro and click “Device Library”



  1. Click “add”



  1. Click “LAN Search”.


  1. Select the camera you want to add, input the Username and password (default is admin and 123456) and then “Save”. Click "OK". Do this for as many of your cameras as you want to add. Click “OK” and then “Cancel” to go back to the main screen.



  1. Click “Home Page”.


  1. Click "Video Library".


  2. Double click the cameras you want to view and use the menu at the bottom to choose to view multiple cameras.

  3. View your cameras