There are a few options for viewing continuous footage that has been recorded to external storage. You can do it with the external storage still connected to the Base Station, and recording still going on, or you can disconnect the external storage.

Disconnecting your external storage.

If you disconnect the external storage from your Base Station, you can plug it into any computer with software for playing videos and search for and view the footage you require. The footage is stored in daily folders, containing half hourly files for each camera that has been recording. Please note, if you disconnect a hard drive whilst it is part way through an 30 minute recording block, the file will not be saved. We recommend waiting for more than 30 minutes after the last important event took place in front of a camera before disconnecting the hard drive.

Leaving the storage connected

If the external storage is still connected to the Base Station, you can view it from either inside the same local network as your CleverLoop system, or on a computer outside your local network.

Note: You can't view recorded footage from the app on your device if you are outside the local network that your CleverLoop is on (i.e. connected to the same WiFi network).

Within the Same Local Network

The easiest way to view recorded footage is on your smartphone, when your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as your CleverLoop system. Just click on the settings for the camera that you want to review recorded footage from, click on 'Continuous Recording' and on 'View Recordings', and look for the period that you want to view.

If you want to use a computer to view the footage, and the computer is on the same network as the CleverLoop system, go to the settings page for the camera you want to view, click on  'Continuous Recording' and then 'View Footage'. Make a note of the IP address at the top page, and enter it into the address bar of your web browser, this will allow you to access recorded footage on your computer just as you would on your smartphone. 

This is also an easy way to download half hourly footage files directly to your computer while leaving the hard drive connected to your Base Station and the cameras recording.

If your app doesn't show the IP address for viewing recorded footage via a computer, and you know the  IP address for your Base Station (you can find this out using the application called 'Fing' on your smartphone) then the address for viewing footage will be the Base Station address with :3022/videos added on the end.

For example, if your Base Station is at, then the address for viewing footage recorded to your hard drive will be 

Remotely on external network

There is a method that allows the viewing of recorded footage remotely, called port forwarding. There are however potential security issues associated with using port forwarding, and we recommend that only users experienced in setting up and securing port forwarding set up there home networks in this way.

If you are setting up port forwarding you need to know that your CleverLoop Base Station uses port 3022.