When adding any camera to your CleverLoop system, it is easiest to do the initial setup with the camera connected to your router with the supplied network cable, then set up the WiFi credentials, if needed.

Click 'Add New Camera" on the app, and follow the video prompts to power up and connect the network cable to your camera. This should leave you with a working cable connected camera.

If you then want to setup your camera to connect to your WiFi network, do the following. Note, to connect via WiFi, outdoor cameras must have their external antenna attached.

Click on 'Settings' (the gear icon) for the camera you have just setup, and click on 'WiFi Connection Configuration'.

Choose the SSID (network name) of the WiFi network you want the camera to connect to. Note, the WiFi network you choose needs to be part of the local network that your Base Station is connected to.

Enter the password for the WiFi network you have chosen. Click on the eye icon to the right to check you have got the password correct.


  • Connecting your cameras via WiFi is easiest if the encryption on the WiFi network password is AES. If you can only use WEP encryption, see this solution to allow cameras to connect to the network.
  • Your WiFi password cannot contain any special characters such as = & “ / _

You can now disconnect the network cable from your camera. The Base Station will take a minute or so to find and connect the camera over WiFi.

If you have trouble configuring the WiFi connection on a camera using the app, you can use this method which has the option to test the WiFI connection.