There are three main ways to use your CleverLoop system; live viewing, continuous recording and alerts. Knowing how to use each of these three modes, and which situations they are best suited to, is key to getting the most out of your CleverLoop.


For more information on using the CleverLoop app, see the User Manual.


Live Viewing


This is as simple as the name suggests. From the CleverLoop app homepage, you select the camera you want to view, press play, and once the data connection is made, you see what the cameras is seeing, in real time. 


While viewing the camera you can change the resolution of the view, either low, standard or high resolution. Low resolution uses the least data, at both ends of the system (the property the system is installed in and on you phone), high resolution lets you see the most detail.


If it’s an indoor camera, you also have the option to turn the microphone or speaker on.


You also have the option to live view your cameras on a computer or other device that is connected to the same local network as your CleverLoop. Using a third party application called iSmartViewPro, you can view all your cameras at the same time, on a split screen, and switch to one camera full screen when you need a better view. 


For more information on iSmartViewPro, see these solutions.

Continuous recording


If you attach USB storage to your Base Station, either a larger thumb drive, or a USB connected external hard drive, then from the app on your phone you can control which cameras are recording when.


This feature is perfect in any situation where you want a record of everything that has happened, with the footage easily accessible from either your phone or a computer.


If you need to keep an eye on a busy environment like a shop, or motel, or even around your home, without getting an alert to your phone every 30 seconds, then continuous recording is best solution.


For more information on continuous recording, see the solutions here.




When there isn’t supposed to be anything happening in the areas that a CleverLoop camera is viewing, and you want to know as soon as anything does happen, then the Alerts system is the tool to use.


From the CleverLoop app you can arm either individual cameras or your entire system. Once armed, the Base Station analyses the footage the cameras, in real time, looking for movement.


If you have cameras or your whole system armed for alerts when there are lots of things happening in the view of the cameras (people are at home, during work hours etc.) then large numbers of alerts will be generated. This can cause the Base Station to overheat, and/or the “Backup alerts to the cloud’ option to automatically turn off. 


In order to minimise false alerts, there are several fine tuning options available that can be used on each individual camera in your system. See here for more details.


There are also several different option for how you arm and disarm your cameras or whole system. There are more details in these solutions.