If you are having trouble getting your Base Station to recognise an external Hard Drive, Check the following things:

  • The Hard Drive is the correct format. The Base Station will only work with NTFS and FAT32 format drives. If you have a drive that is the wrong format, FAT64 (exFAT) or HFS+, you can plug it into a computer and reformat it.
  • You have rebooted the Base Station after connecting the Hard Drive.
  • If the hard drive requires an external power supply you have connected this up.
  • You are using the USB power supply that came with your Base Station. While the Base Station will run on a standard mobile phone USB charger plug, these do not supply enough current to also power a hard drive. We have seen a number of continuous storage issues caused by not using the original power supply that came with the Base Station.
  • If you still can't get your hard drive to record, then please try using a USB flash drive (also sometimes called a memory stick). These are one of the least complex forms of storage, and so powering down your Base Station, connecting a USB flash drive and then re-powering your Base Station is a simple test to see if the Base Station is detecting connecting storage devices. Make sure the Flash Drive is also formatted to FAT32. If the Flash Drive is detected and footage records, then the issue is likely to be with the external hard drive that wouldn't connect. If this is the case, then please format the hard drive by connecting it to a computer and formatting to either NTFS or FAT32.