If you have a camera with firmware that is numbered, then please follow the below instructions to install the files needed for us to push a remote update to your camera. These cameras can be updated to version 49.

Please DO NOT use this file if your camera has a firmware version different to 48P1. (this includes which does not require an update).

If your camera is already version 49, no further action is needed.


Note: Please don't use the Windows 'Edge' browser here, select a different browser to do this operation.

Upgrading from camera firmware version

First, please check the MAC address for your camera(s) via the browser interface you used to find the camera's firmware version initially. The red box on the below image is where you will find the MAC Address, which is pairs of digits and letters separated by colons. If the last two letters in the MAC address are 'DD', then you'll need to let us know your Base Station ID, as well as the firmware version, MAC address and DID for your camera. (the DID is on the sticker on the camera).

If you MAC address doesn't end in 'DD', then please proceed with the below steps numbered 1 to 5.

It's ideal to keep the camera connected to the router via an ethernet cable during this install. We don't recommend doing this over WiFi, but if you have to, please make sure the camera is in a location with a strong WiFi signal.


  1. Below you'll see an attachment called  'Camera_Firmware_48_P1_P2.pkg'. Please download this firmware file.
  2. Once downloaded, please go to the 'Maintenance' tab of the camera's back end settings (via the browser interface you used to find the camera's firmware version initially), and find the 'Upgrade' function.

  3. First, click 'Choose file' and select the file you've downloaded, 'Camera_Firmware_48_P1_P2.pkg'. Then click 'Upgrade'. Please don't select the wrong file as this will cause the camera to go dead.
  4. Wait for a few minutes as the file is installed to the camera. You should see a pop-up window saying the install has completed and the camera will get back online by itself.
  5. You will not see camera's firmware version change when you have completed the above steps, but once you have done the above steps, please contact us, provide us with the camera's DID (you'll find this on the sticker on the camera) and camera username / password, and then we can push the final part of the update remotely. The firmware version number will only change once this final update has been pushed.