If you are using an Android phone which is running Android 4.1 to 7.x, please install and use the CleverLoop app which is available from the Google Play Store. 

If you are using an Android phone which is using Android 8.0 and above, please install and use the CleverLoop app which can be accessed from this Dropbox folder. (The below version of the app is not recommended for people using phones on an older Android version.)


This Android 8 version of the app has been released separately due to the significant operating system changes made by Android when moving to versions 8.0 and above. Whilst new versions of Android are meant to be backwards compatible for apps that work on previous Android versions, it is not entirely the case with Android 8.x and above. This version of the app resolves a range of issues that caused the previous app version to stall and crash when run on Android 8.x phones. However, on some phones, it is not possible to resolve the issues caused by Android 8 to geofencing and geolocation. If this is the case, then please either manually arm and disarm your cameras / system, or set schedules for when the system should automatically be inactive.

Please follow the below instructions to install the Android 8.x version of the app:

1. Press on the above Dropbox link, when the web page opens, press "Or Continue to website". You don't need a Dropbox account to do this. Then press on the symbol for the CleverLoop-v3.0.7.apk file.

2. Press 'Download', then 'Direct Download'. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to keep going. Click 'OK'

3. Once the file has dowloaded, if you press on it, you may get a 'Can't Open File' message. If you do, then please go to your file manager and click on Download History. Where you see the app, please press on it.

4. You will then be asked if you want to install, press 'Install'. Following the installing process you can open the app. The app will need access to any permissions that are brought up.