Apple Devices

If you already have the iOS version of the CleverLoop app running on your phone then you will have no problems in using the app. 

However, it is not possible to install the app onto an iOS device which doesn't currently have the app installed. The CleverLoop iOS app was delisted by the Apple app store as a result of CleverLoop going into liquidation and the business shutting down.

Unfortunately, as iOS locks down app installations to only those listed in the App store, there isn't a work around for installing the app in a different way. It is possible to use a free app, such as iSmartViewPro, to live view cameras, but this won't provide alert related features. We have also had feedback to suggest that ISpyConnect provides another solution for connecting cameras. 

The servers which run the CleverLoop system continue to operate, so systems are able to function as normal. It is not however possible for us to sell or provide replacement hardware. Our apologies for this situation.