If your Base Station is not sending alerts to your app, this could be due to a number of reasons:

1. The cameras are not armed. Please check via the app that the camera you want to alert is set to "Stay Armed". Having the camera in this setting is a way of testing if the camera alerts properly. If it still doesn't alert, please continue to step 2 below.

2. Cameras might be offline i.e. not connecting to your WiFi network (or via ethernet cable if using these). The best way to check if cameras are online or offline is to see if you can live view the cameras. Please make sure your phone is connected to WiFi or that mobile data is turned on to do this check (to test your phone is connected to a network, make sure you can view webpages and receive emails etc). 

- If you can't live view the cameras in the app, then a lack of alerts problem is likely to be camera related, or there is an issue with the internet in your location. Please go to the camera trouble shooting pages to resolve camera issues. To test the internet connection of the local network, make sure your phone can connect to the internet / receive emails with only WiFi turned on i.e. mobile data turned off.

- If you can live view the cameras through the app, then you know they are online, so the non-alerting must be due to another reason, please go to step 3 below.


3. Base Station is offline. If the Base Station is showing as offline inside the app, then please go to this solution. If the Base Station is not showing as offline in the app, please go to the below step.

4. Try a reboot. Please power down your router, Base Station and cameras. Wait for about a minute, then please repower your router, followed a minute or so later by the Base Station, then a minute or so after that by the cameras. After you see the Base Station come back on line in the app, please make sure you can live view a camera, then arm that camera and try to generate alerts. If alerts still aren't being generated, please go to the below step.

5. Format Base Station SD Card. If there is a file error on the SD Card, then this can cause alerts to stop. Please follow the instruction in this solution on how to format the Base Station's SD Card.

If non of the above steps work, then it is likely the Base Station has developed a fatal fault. If this is the case, then unfortunately there are no other trouble shooting options available.